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Issue 52 is UP!!!

Well Well Well! There are almost 100 Haibun in this issue!!! Our two Guest ‘Failed’ Editors, Terri and Raymond French, currently traveling the country in their new home with wheels, have done a wonderful job! With the help, of some of the best Haibun poets out there this issue is a MUST READ! Give it a CLICK right now!







HAPPY NEW YEAR! Issue 49 is UP!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Failed Haiku enters the FIFTH YEAR! Thanks to all of you who submit your work, all of you who read our work around the world, and to the many ‘guest’ Editors who have allowed me to survive my weak ass Internet! Bless you, all!

We are beefing up our presence on YouTube and would be REALLY REALLY GRATEFUL if you all of you would Subscribe to our channel. You will not get emails unless you want them, but you will help us reach more folks on search engines and within YouTube who are searching for senryu.

Without further ado, Here is Issue 49 of FailedHaiku!

HOLD YOUR SUBMISSIONS! We will have TWO guest editors next month!!! Be sure to check the Submission Guides before you submit!

Again, have a great and safe NEW YEAR!


Issue 40 will be out on April 5th

Folks, no worries, but I am a little messed up lately physically. The weather changes have caught up with several of the injuries I suffered in my youth. Both knees and both my ankles have acted up at the same time. All have suffered trauma in the past. Add to that my right wrist and fingers (you figure that out), and I am a bit cranky. I don’t do pain killers ever, but I am using some good homeopathic remedies and starting to feel better.

I am glad that many of you enjoyed the video for April Fool’s Day, but I want to be clear that STEVE HODGE wrote the script, put together the video, and conceived the entire ‘plot’. Steve does many things in the background of haiku, and I wanted to be sure that he is recognized for all that he does. BUT, the award for deadpan delivery goes to Terri L. French for almost convincing me that BOTH Frogpond and Modern Haiku would publish her essay on Celeste! I love these two!

Also, I have started a YouTube Channel for Failed Haiku. We will be posting podcasts, interviews, and if you click the ‘Channels’ tab you will find many other great haiku channels. Also, we will feature readings from work published in Failed Haiku. Take a minute, look around, and please consider SUBSCRIBING to our Channel, AND some of the other haiku channels as well. You won’t be spammed or notified unless you choose to, so no worries in that way. Also, I never advertise or sell space or try to monetize anything I do. No worries, my intent is simply to promote senryu on the Internet.


Thanks to all you who continue to support Failed Haiku, and for your kindness to me personally.






Three years and still counting!!!

Issue 36 is a milestone in many ways. I never expected to get this far. 24 issues of ShortStuff 17 years ago, and now Failed Haiku Issue 36. About a dozen other publications too in between, so although I may not be famous for my own poems I hope that I get some credit for promoting the poems of others. I want to thank every poet who has submitted their work to me. I hope I have lived up to your expectations. I have enjoyed reading the work of so many fine poets, and it is humbling to think you would trust me with your poems. THANKS!!!

This issue has some surprises like they all do, there are a couple of dozen ‘stunners’ in this one. I hope you enjoy it as much I did putting it together for you.


Next month will be a RETROSPECTIVE ISSUE, so hold your submissions for now. My Internet still sucks, and hope is that by this time next year we will have the issues solved with a new system. I will do a much better job of letting people know what is happening this year. But I will still have to leave the house to do much of the work on the site.


Mike Rehling

Submissions for the July Issue now OPEN!

This month the Failed Haiku ‘guest editors’ will be Lori Minor and Chase Gagnon!!!

This is  HAIGA ONLY issue, and here are the editor’s guidelines:

“For this issue of Failed Haiku, We’re looking for Haiga! We want to see haiga that transcend both the image and the poem, and become something completely new — Simply put, we want to see the image and the poem “spark” together like steel and flint, creating a fire of resonance! All mediums are welcome, from photographs to paintings and everything in between. We can’t wait to see your work!”

PLEASE SUBMIT up to THREE HAIGA ONLY TO editor@failedhaiku.com!!! Submissions for this issue are now open and will close at midnight EDT on the 25th of the month.



Issue 30 has hit the Internet!!!

My sincere thanks to Roberta Beary for being the ‘failed editor’ of this issue! There are some wonderful haibun in this issue by some of my favorite poets! Please pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and prepare to enjoy…




Next month is another ‘special’ month, so please HOLD your submissions!!!

Issue 29 is UP!!!

This issue, guest edited by Shloka Shankar, is now up for your viewing!!! There are 47 haiga by some astoundingly good haijin! I am so impressed that Shloka could FAIL so superbly! She has taken failure to a whole new level. Sincerely thank her for find job editing FH this month. And keep your eyes on SONIC BOOM also!


NEXT month the Guest Editor will be Roberta Beary, and the focus of the issue will be HAIBUN! I will be posting the submission guides in a few days, please WAIT before submitting.

Peace and good reading…


Publication Calendar for 2018!

Well, I have set up the submission times and general plans for 2018 for Failed Haiku. The calendar is here:  2018 Submission Calendar. You might want to bookmark it!

Submission for the February issue will be ‘by invitation’ only. I will be doing some picks from past issues, as well as featuring a few of our submitters directly. I simply need to slow down right now, and I am sorry if this disappoints anyone.

The FULL ISSUES will the April, June, August, and November issues. That means open submissions will be in March, May, July, and October. We will feed the beast for those issues.

Three issues will be done by ‘Guest Editors’, and you will have to pay attention to their individual submission guides. You should likely sign up for our monthly emails, and I will keep you posted in your Inbox, as well as on this site.