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Issue Seven of Failed Haiku is now UP!

Issue Seven of Failed Haiku is now up for viewing/downloading!

We have a lot to love in this issue:  Winners and write-ups for the H. Gene Murtha Senryu Contest are now posted in Failed Haiku and PruneJuice (that has a new issue up for your reading also), and we have 90 pages of senryu for your reading.

Enjoy, and pass the word!!!

Issue Seven out tonight at Midnight EDT

Well, the Seventh Issue of Failed Haiku is now ‘in the can’! Murtha Senryu Contest winners will be announced, and you have a wonderful collection of poets in this issue:

Cast List
In order of appearance
(all work copyrighted by the authors)
Pris Campbell
Jesus Chameleon
Chris Lynch
Willie R. Bongcaron
Bre Roberts
Marshall Bood
Bruce Jewett
Valorie Broadhurst Woerdehoff
Joann Grisetti
Dave Read
Ian Willey
Rachel Sutcliffe
Pravat Kumar Padhy
Barbara Tate
Anthony Q. Rabang
Garry Eaton
Ramona Linke
Nicholas Klacsanzky
Olivier Schopfer
Eva Limbach
Paresh Tiwari
Jay Friedenberg
Adjei Agyei-Baah
Roman Lyakhovetsky
Gergana Yaninska And haiga with Maya
Elmedin Kadric
Orrin PréJean
Simon Hanson
Robert Witmer
Julie Warther
Julie Warther and Phyllis Lee
Debbie Strange
Jacob S. Blumner
Christina Sng
Steven Woodall
Chen-ou Liu
Jill Lange
Anne Curran
Phyllis Lee
Peter Newton
Shloka Shankar
spiro miralis
Nina Kovačić
Pat Geyer
Barbara Kaufmann
Brad Bennett
Matthew Moffett
Keitha Keyes
Madhuri Pillai
Tim Graves
David J Kelly
Kalyana Hapsari
Elizabeth Alford
Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
Myron Lysenko
Billy Antonio
nancy brady
Bill Kenney
Zoran Doderovic
Goran Gatalica
Helen Buckingham
Munia Khan
Ola Lindberg
Ken Sawitri
Ken Sawitri senryu/drawing Jimat Achmadi
Jade Pisani
Duncan Richardson
Mohammad Azim Khan
Marc Shane, pen name [ashamed of Mike]
Sondra Byrnes
Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian
Richard Stevenson
Chase Gagnon
Debbi Antebi

It is just one senryu after the other!!!! Up tonight at Midnight!!!

Winners of the: H. Gene Murtha Senryu Contest

H. Gene Murtha Senryu Contest

2016 Winners

Judges:  Steve Hodge and Michael Rehling

The winning and honorable mention poems will be in the July 1 issues of BOTH Prunejuice and Failed Haiku

First Place Winner:

Bill Kenney

Second Place Winner:

Joe McKeon

Third Place Winner:

Debbi Antebi

Honorable Mentions (In no particular order):

Bob Lucky

Pat Tompkins

Rob Scott

Ian Willey

Mike Keville

G.R. LeBlanc