Who the Hell is Mike Rehling?

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I am simply a lover of all short forms of poetry. My love affair with the verb eventually led me to haiku, and then to senryu, haiga, and haibun. I am, by anyone’s estimation, a C+ to B- poet. The good news, for me, is that I am very prolific, so I eventually hit a home run or two or three from time to time. I consider myself an amateur at everything I do. Beginner’s Mind is something that keeps me fresh, and sometimes interesting. Because I don’t ‘know’ anything fully, I listen to everyone. Poets make up a large percentage of my friends, but I generally like people, and I smile a lot, so that is something I guess.

I live simply, in the North Woods of Michigan, just north of the 45th parallel. My wife and our cat watch the seasons change in the woods behind our home. We are vegan, own a 73 Volkswagen Super Beetle, and walk in the woods or around the two restored lighthouses about a mile from our home.

If you want to read more or see some of my own work, you can follow the links below. One word of caution, don’t copy my style! I am, after all, just a C+ to B- poet. You don’t want to limit yourself!

Links to my work on the web:


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The Living Haiku Anthology

Michael Rehling Haiku Definition LHA

My Twitter handle is:  @MikeRehling

My Facebook page is:  HaikuMike