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Issue 24 is UP right on time and HUGE!

Well, folks, issue 24 is here for your reading pleasure. Some wonderful work, but feast your eyes on the haiga in this one for sure. I want to thank you all for being a part of this thing that started as an ‘experiment’ two years ago. You folks gave it life!!! THANK YOU!

Your ‘Failed Editor’

Issue 23 is UP!!!

The new issue is UP, and the results of the Haiga Contest are now available!!!

Been a tough month with the Internet, but I finally got everything uploaded a few minutes ago. 



Contest Judging has begun!

The Second Jane Reichhold Haiga competition is now in the ‘judging phase’. We had 180 entries this year, and there was some wonderful work in each category. We will contact the winners in a few weeks, and winners and any honorable mentions will be published in the November 5th issues of Prune Juice Journal and Failed Haiku.

We want to thank everyone who submitted, and especially to thank our judges for being a part of this effort.

Steve and Mike


Jim Kacian has a new book out!!!

I don’t do this often, but Jim K. is a favorite of mine and his work as an editor, publisher, and haiku poet has been established for decades now. He is also the founder and spirit of THE HAIKU FOUNDATION.

Jim Kacian, who you all know from The Haiku Foundation (and Haiku in the Workplace), has just released a new book of haiku, his first full-length collection in 10 years, called after/image. You can view a reading of one of its 3 sections here (filmed at Haiku North America 2017 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a couple weeks ago). And you can buy a copy from Red Moon Press here

Buy it, it comes with my personal guarantee!!!



Reichhold Haiga Contest!!!

The entries are pouring, and if any artist/poet has any questions they can direct them to us if you are unsure of any aspect of the contest.

We are always looking for ‘Traditional Haiga’, using ink, watercolor, or painting of any type. I thought you would enjoy seeing the work of Ron C. Moss, who will be judging the Traditional Haiga category. Here is the link to his page on The Haiku Foundation (many other haiga artists are there as well) for you to enjoy and be inspired by:

Keep the entries coming for all categories!!!


Mike and Steve


The Second Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Contest!

Steve Hodge of Prune Juice Journal and Failed Haiku are sponsoring a contest for Haiga Artists Worldwide! Take a few minutes to read the contest rules, and then send us your best work!

We so look forward to seeing your work.

Steve Hodge and Mike Rehling