Monthly Archives: July 2021

Issue 68 is UP AND we have ‘another’ co-editor!!!

Bryan Rickert did a wonderful job on Issue 68!!! A great collection of eclectic senryu to enjoy!

AND, DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!! Kelly Sauvage has agreed to join Bryan and I as a co-editor. We are thrilled that she agreed and please check out her page for more about her. She has guest edited and done a wonderful job, and we look forward to her input and energy.

Yours truly, will be cutting back. I am feeling much better, and thank you all for your kindnesses, and good thoughts! But, my Internet is off the charts awful, and I want to spend more time expanding the Failed Haiku Video library which I can do without deadlines by going to public WIFI spots for uploads. I will still be doing a couple of issues a year, and maybe some readings, book reviews, and commentary. Look for announcements soon, as we are planning a Senryu Summit on Zoom with guest editors, and some interviews with true Senryu greats. More later!

Bryan and Kelly will be more the face of Failed Haiku as we enter the new year, and there are not two people anywhere I trust and love as poets and editors more than these two. Please congratulate them for having the silly fortitude to take an elephant off my back and continue the work of FH!!! My thanks and gratitude to them both!