Who the Hell is Kelly Moyer?

When not slurping oysters or hustling a buck, Kelly Moyer can be found exploring the literary, visual, and performing arts. She is the author of Scarlet Apples and Cream, a collection of poetry, as well as Om Namah, a novella published under the pseudonym Kalyanii. Her haiku have appeared in numerous publications, including Modern Haiku, Frogpond, The Heron’s Nest, Presence, Sonic Boom, Bottle Rockets, is/let, Otata, Femku as well as the illustrious and legendary journal, Failed Haiku. She has had the honor of editing Blossom Moon with her nemesis Lee Gurga and the forthcoming Paper Mountains with her safety-minded alter-ego, Tanya McDonald. Her finest moments include serving as the 1985 Illinois State Strut Baton Twirling Champion, a 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards finalist, and the instigator of the 2019 inaugural HNA skinnydip.

Kelly Moyer
Mike Rehling, founder of Failed Haiku interviews Kelly Moyer, the ‘other half’ of the team, with Bryan Rickert, that will carry on Failed Haiku into the future as Mike phases out of the zine next year. Kelly has been an editor, a well-published poet and author in her own ‘write’, and a friend to many haiku and senryu poets. She has been a guest editor at Failed Haiku several times and is more than ready to take on the load. Check out her page on the Failed Haiku site: https://failedhaiku.com/who-the-hell-is-kelly-sauvage/ For those who are interested, here is a link to a Video of Robert Pinsky reading Samurai’s Song. https://youtu.be/ObaWkwvGT2g