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Failed Haiku Issue 14 is UP!

The latest issue is now UP!!!

Please note the new ESSAY SECTION!!!!

Cast List
In order of appearance
(all work copyrighted by the authors)

Alexis Rotella
Margherita Petriccione
Jennifer Hambrick
Chris Cole
Diana Teneva
Elizabeth Crocket
Dave Read
Oscar Luparia
Garry Eaton
Pat Davis
Rachel Sutcliffe
Robyn Cairns
Ana Drobot
Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo
Maria Laura Valente
John Hawkhead
Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
Jesus Chameleon
Misha Nathani
Ken Olson
Bruce Jewett
Olivier Schopfer
Nika & Jim Mckinniss
Eufemia Griffo
Margherita Petriccione
Marietta McGregor
Jan Dobb
Terri  L. French
Roberta Beary
Srinivasa Rao Sambangi
Eva Limbach
Michael Minassian
Terrie Jacks
Marilyn Ashbaugh
Ramona Linke
Thomas Tilton
David J Kelly
Christina Martin
Lynn Edge
Barbara Tate
Ernesto P. Santiago
Bryan Rickert
David Oates
Anna Cates
Debbie Strange
Gabriel Bates
Ron C. Moss and Simon Hanson
Louise Hopewell
Tsanka Shishkova
W.R. Bongcaron
Chen-ou Liu
Ian Willey
Devin Harrison
Pat Geyer
Hansha Teki
Shloka Shankar
Adjei Agyei-Baah
Pravat Kumar Padhy
Christina Sng
Peter Jastermsky
Ed Bremson
Maureen Kingston
Mark Miller
Jennifer Y. Montgomery
Vessislava Savova
Dilyana Georgieva & Vessislava Savova
Caroline Skanne
Rick Hurst
Angela Terry
Gergana Yaninska
Adrian Bouter
S.Radhamani Sarma
Radka Mindova
Elisa Allo
Rebecca Cowgill
Brad Bennett
Tim Gardiner
Ben Moeller-Gaa
Cynthia Rowe
Sharon K Young
Robert Witmer
Martha Magenta
Neha R. Krishna
Anthony Q. Rabang
Antonio Mangiameli
Madhuri Pillai
Maeve O’Sullivan
ola lindberg
Elmedin Kadric
Julie Warther
Precious Oboh
Munia Khan
Michael Stinson
Jill Lange
Poornima Laxmeshwar
Nicholas Klacsanzky
Nina Kovacic
Helen Buckingham
Kwaku Feni Adow
Antonio Mangiameli
Debbi Antebi
Ivan Gaćina
Pris Campbell
Sandi Pray
Sondra J. Byrnes
Melissa Augeri
Gail Oare
Lucia Fontana
Marianne Paul
Bruce H. Feingold
Susan Burch
Ezio Infantino
Salil Chaturvedi
Carol Raisfeld

A word about submissions…

First, I would sincerely like to thank the many poets and friends who have expressed their kindness and shared their calm understanding with me on the death of my Mother. To lose a loved one at Christmas is hard, but my 96 year old Mom ended my connection with an entire generation of my family. Other than my direct family, my poet friends are some of my dearest connections. Thank you!

I did get behind on my reading in December and now in January, but I am catching up and should be back to what passes for ‘normal’ by the weekend. I appreciate your patience.

Regarding the submission process I have added a note to the Submission Guides page on this site. The two most frequent issues that will affect you as a poet are these:

  1. Sending your submission to any email address but:  EDITOR@FAILEDHAIKU.COM! Many of you have my personal email address, BUT submissions addressed to any other email than that above WILL NOT go into my ‘reading folder’, and hence will not be reviewed. I am not being stubborn and rule bound (god knows I never get accused of that by anyone who knows me), but I get hundreds of emails a day at my personal account, and even if I ‘see’ your submission as it flies into my Inbox, when I begin reading from my folder it won’t be there, and I get hundreds of submissions each month so finding it is unlikely.
  2. Put you name, as you wish it to appear, in the ‘body’ of the email. If you publish under a nom de plume that is fine, but in parenthesis include your given name. If your name is not in the body of the email it makes my work a lot harder. If I ever make a mistake, contact me and I will make it right, but if I can simply cut and paste from your email than we avoid mistakes, at least by me.

As a poet myself I always review the Submission Guidelines EVERY time I submit to any print or online journal. I would urge you to do the same. Over time, you get friendly with editors, and that is one of the pleasures of this role that I play, but the volume of submissions means any good editor has to have a system so they can keep their own head above water. Help me keep from drowning, and know that it bothers me as much as it bothers you when I miss reading your work.