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H. Gene Murtha Senryu Contest Update!

Bent, Kelvin, and I have completed the judging. The top three winners have been notified, and the Highly Commended will have to wait until the results are posted on July 1 in BOTH Prune Juice Journal and Failed Haiku!

It was a blast to judge this contest!!!

While you are waiting please read the work of Gene Murtha in his last online chapbook:

BIDING TIME, by Gene Murtha


Issue 31 is UP AND Murtha Contest Results!

My thanks to Chase Gagnon and Lori Minor for editing this issue. What a beautiful collection of haiga! My ‘guest editors’ have turned in to a real inspiration to me personally, and I hope you all feel that way too. Don’t forget to take a look at the zine they edit either. Scryptic is fast becoming a crowd favorite in the haikai world!

In this issue, we also have the Results of the H. Gene Murtha Senryu Contest! Steve Hodge and I had a real blast reading the entries, and as we did last year we also published the ‘short list’ so you could all see how difficult it was to choose a winner! Congratulations to every poet who participated, as well as the winners!




H. Gene Murtha Senryu Contest Results

Steve Hodge and I have finished the judging and the three top senryu poets have been notified by email. This was a contest of a special variety! So many fine poems and we both want to thank you all!

As we did last year there are a few dozen poems in the ‘short list’, and they will be published on July 1st with the winners!

While you are waiting please take a moment to read from Gene’s fine work and remember what a warm character he was, and how he influenced so many of us in our work:


Steve Hodge and Mike Rehling