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A quiet vegan haiku poet living in the north woods of Michigan.

Murtha Contest Winners have been notified!!!

The top three prize winners have been notified. The rest of the poems shortlisted for the contest will be revealed on July 1 in BOTH Prune Juice Journal and Failed Haiku editions that will be out that day. SO many great poems.

Our thanks to Tia Haynes and Bryan Rickert who had the hard task of wading through a enormous group of wonderful poems! Thank you all for making their job so very hard, the quality was astounding!

BUT, to tide you over while you wait for the results PLEASE take a moment to download and read this short e-book that Gene Murtha put out just prior to his passing, and also you can search The Heron’s Nest website for his work as well. He loved the ‘Nest’ and published many of his poems there over the years. This contest was created to keep his poems and the memory of his outrageous soul alive for others to enjoy. He had a passion for life that may have have consumed him in the end, but I have nothing but fond memories of Gene right now. So please read his poems and enjoy.

BIDING TIME, by H. Gene Murtha



Issue 66 ‘Back from the Dead’ issue is now (finally) UP!

Did I say ‘short’ delay??? That was really off now wasn’t it? Well, it is now up and I was able to perform the miracle of resurrection on hundreds of senryu!

For those who have expressed concern, I will survive. My neck pain is back with a vengeance, and my headaches again out of control. No worries, I have a great team of Doctors and soon (I hope) we will have this better again. A medication was prescribed for another condition that triggered all of this, and next week I have consultations with all of my physicians. I ain’t dead yet, not even close!

Not to worry for FH though, I have a great co-editor who is doing the next issue and Bryan is young and healthy (or so he tells me) so we are open for business again. My passion for Failed Haiku is only equalled by Bryan’s so we are planning a lot of good things to end this year. Stay tuned.

I appreciate you all, your patience, and your kindnesses to me.



Issue 66 will have a short delay!

Well, here I am again with an apology. Oh well!!! I always have no reliable Internet, but I can usually go out and find a place to work if I need to, but not this time. A ‘new’ prescription had an unintended consequence and made things worse for me and not better. I am letting it all clear my system and will get out acceptances, and format the issue in a few days. So sorry. I am working on some workarounds for all of this, and will let you know soon.

Also, the Murtha Contest is closing at midnight tonight, and will be just fine and on time. I have Tia and Bryan to thank for that!!!



H. Gene Murtha Memorial Senryu Contest

This is the SIXTH year we remember Gene Murtha and his explosively tender and unique senryu. PLEASE read the contest guidelines in the site BEFORE submitting, and ONLY submit during the prescribed period. Please note that you MAY submit previously published poems, just NOT those published in Prune Juice Journal or Failed Haiku.The judges for the contest this year are Tia Haynes and Bryan Rickert!


While you are on the web why not enjoy Ron C. Moss’s new video?!

Issue 65 is now corrected and UP for your viewing!!!

My apologies for being a bit late, but the Internet gremlins took me down and out twice in the middle of the final edit. I am waiting impatiently for Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites to reach critical mass and give me real Internet.

This issue has some very unique work, by some talented poets. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.

ALSO, our next issue is a BACK FROM THE DEAD issue! Check the Submissions Page for some details, but this ONLY for poems that have been rejected by OTHER EDITORS.


Mike Rehling ‘Failed Editor’

Issue 65 up tomorrow afternoon!!! Haibun Video to watch until then!!!

I am struggling with ‘uploads’ on my weak ass Internet. I hope to get out all acceptances today, but won’t be able to upload the issue to the web without getting out to a better source tomorrow. No worries!

In the meantime, this is a wonderful video out by The Haibun Journal in celebration of Poetry Day Ireland!!! Readings by some wonderful poets await you.

New Interview with Kala Ramesh!!!!

Kala Ramesh is well known all over the world, but especially for her work in her home country of India. I first ‘met’ her on the Internet almost two decades ago, and we have been friends since. Her work has been published in many journals, and she has been a speaker at many haiku conferences and gatherings. Besides being a wonderful poet she is an energetic and positive supporter of haiku in all its forms, and of other poets. Thank you Kala!!!

Kala has also premiered recently this video, which is a collaboration with Masood Hussain! Give it a listen!