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Happy New Year! Issue 13 is now OnLine!

This issue of Failed Haiku is full of some wonderful senryu based poetry in every flavor of the form! This issue has 144 pages of some of the best senryu poets on the planet. Enjoy it, and please take a minute to check out the video of the haiga of Sandi Pray. Each month we will be adding to the videos of haiga artists in all forms.  

You can reach Issue 13 here:

Cast List
In order of appearance
(all work copyrighted by the authors)

Charlotte Digregorio
Alexis Rotella
Veronika Zora Novak
Tricia Knoll
Gregory Longenecker
Maeve O’Sullivan
Bill Kenney
Angelee Deodhar
Eva Limbach
Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
Marshall Bood
Nicholas Klacsanzky
William Dennis
Elisa Allo
Troy Kody Cunio
Anna Cates
Jan Dobb
Mark Gilfillan
Rachel Sutcliffe
Bruce Jewett
Tom Sacramona
Willie R. Bongcaron
C.R. Harper
Debbie Strange
Jesus Chameleon
Olivier Schopfer
Ramona Linke
Kishor Kumar Mishra
Tyson West
Elmedin Kadric
Jay Friedenberg
ayaz daryl nielsen
Pris Campbell
Garry Eaton
Vishnu P Kapoor
Hazel Hall
Angela Terry
Simon Hanson
Jackie Maugh Robinson
Robert P. Moyer
Carol Dilworth
Christina Martin
Christina Sng
Michael Henry Lee
Madhuri Pillai
Jean Holland
Ian Willey
Nina Kovacic
Radka Mindova & Daniela Targova
Ava C. Cipri
Louise Hopewell
Chen-ou Liu
Marilyn Humbert
Yesha Shah
David J. Kelly
Rebecca Cowgill
Brad Bennett
Dave Read
Margaret Jones
dan smith
Adjei Agyei-Baah
Tsanka Shishkova
Ernesto P. Santiago
Kwaku Feni Adow
Shloka Shankar
Erica Olson
Chase Gagnon
Kat Lehmann
Robert Witmer
Gergana Yaninska & Maya Lyubenova
Barbara Kaufmann
Dr.Indra Neil Mekala
Rick Hurst
Mikels Skele
Ezio Infantino
Susan Burch
Ben Moeller-Gaa
Ivan Gaćina
Amy Losak
Peter Jastermsky
Vessislava Savova
Matt Hetherington
Floki Alexius Moriarty
Anthony Q. Rabang
Pasquale Asprea
Jim Sullivan
Debbi Antebi
Terrie Jacks
Bruce H. Feingold
Dejan Pavlinović
Carol Raisfeld
Billy Antonio
Munia Khan
Kerstin Park
Ola Lindberg
Neha R. Krishna
kris moon & tom clausen
Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian
Marianne Paul
Angiola Inglese
Peter Newton
Aron H. Feingold
Julie Warther
Julie Warther & Dan Schwerin
Tricia Marcella Cimera
Sondra J. Byrnes
Lorin Ford
Jim Krotzman
Jill Lange
Leslie Bamford

Deadline for January 1 Issue Submissions is December 26th!

I will honor all submissions received by Midnight on the 26th of December for inclusion in the January 1 issue of Failed Haiku.

I am behind on reading submissions right now. The illness and death of my Mother yesterday had me preoccupied. I was raised to be punctual, and meet my commitments, so I will catch up on reading submissions in the next couple of days, and we WILL publish promptly at Midnight on January 1.

Thanks to everyone for your kindness to me in this time, and for your continued support of Failed Haiku. It means a lot.

in the quiet
of my own mind
the poems of others