Three years and still counting!!!

Issue 36 is a milestone in many ways. I never expected to get this far. 24 issues of ShortStuff 17 years ago, and now Failed Haiku Issue 36. About a dozen other publications too in between, so although I may not be famous for my own poems I hope that I get some credit for promoting the poems of others. I want to thank every poet who has submitted their work to me. I hope I have lived up to your expectations. I have enjoyed reading the work of so many fine poets, and it is humbling to think you would trust me with your poems. THANKS!!!

This issue has some surprises like they all do, there are a couple of dozen ‘stunners’ in this one. I hope you enjoy it as much I did putting it together for you.

Next month will be a RETROSPECTIVE ISSUE, so hold your submissions for now. My Internet still sucks, and hope is that by this time next year we will have the issues solved with a new system. I will do a much better job of letting people know what is happening this year. But I will still have to leave the house to do much of the work on the site.


Mike Rehling

6 thoughts on “Three years and still counting!!!

  1. Margaret Walker

    Thank you Mike. I know this takes a great deal of work and I appreciate the time and energy you put into this publication.


  2. szeilenga

    This will be only my third issue in, since discovering the FH publication, but so far 8 have thoroughly enjoyed them. I have laughed, cheered, and had my heart touched by only a few syllables. Great stuff, keep up the great work, and thanks for supporting us fellow poets.


  3. Barbara Tate

    What a terrific issue. I’ll spend this afternoon printing it out. Thank you for everything you do. I definitely agree with everything Paula said in her comment. Each and every word needs repeating. So–ditto!!


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  5. Paula

    Mike.. you are the reason why many of us continue no matter what’s going on in our life as you continually give and I for one applaud your generous nature.
    You are as respected as anyone that may think they are.. or more so. You keep it real and with that warmth, comes substance and integrity.

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