Oh well… My second I’m sorry!

Gonna be a few days before I get this issue done. My ISP is failing. We have two other companies working to get up and running here. I can post on Facebook or Instagram but now way can I edit a journal on a phone. Abbey and I wanted to get away anyway so this is just the time. They ‘think’ they will have the current issue stable by the weekend.

HOLD ANY SUBMISSIONS FOR NEXT MONTH! I have three ‘guest editors’ that will be filling in for me to finish the year, and hopefully one or the other of the two replacement Internet sources will be up by then. I am not going anywhere, but the impossible Internet issues just need to be cured. I would very much like to get back to my ‘five day’ response time and stable uploads (right now I cannot ‘upload’ at all to the servers) so that Failed Haiku can FAIL more efficiently. This old German/American can’t put up with things this way much longer.

I am working to get this issue up by the 14th! To add to the Internet issues I got sick and am just now getting back to what passes as normal. I ‘think’ it was an insect bite, but who knows?

Thanks for being so kind, and hang in there. If I have to I will rent a room at the Holiday Inn!!!

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