We will be doing Book Reviews as well as Interviews with poets here. All Interviews will contain links so you can follow up with your favorite poets and their work elsewhere. They will all be ‘short’ videos discussing books that contain a fair amount of ‘senryu’ based applications of the senryu form. We will NOT be doing ‘negative reviews. The reviews will be about 5 minutes long so as to give you a ‘hands on’ reading and brief discussion of the book. Our purpose is to provide viewers with hints on where to find out more about, or read the best of, the senryu form. All videos will be here, and on the Failed Haiku YouTube site. We hope you enjoy.

An absolutely stunning collection of some of the best work by an already accomplished poet in the Tanka genre. Kala Ramesh is a teacher, poet, and leader in expanding the role of poetry in India as well as the English-speaking world. She has become a worldwide force for Japanese poetry and lectured and presented many times in India and abroad. “The Forest I Know”, Tanka, Tanka Prose, and Tanka Sutras. Reviewed by Mike Rehling BUY “The Forest I Know” on Amazon! in INDIA OR… IN THE USA Kala has also premiered recently this video, which is a collaboration with Masood Hussain! Give it a listen! Book: Naad Anunaad – US… beyond the horizon beyond – US… eChaps: tanka ‘unseen arc’ snapshot press… bones ‘one-line twos’ & marlene mountain… Mann Library Daily Haiku:… Books: – beyond the horizon beyond – India – beyond the horizon beyond – US – Naad Anunaad – India – Naad Anunaad – US – Haiku Companion and Activity Book – Katha First Book of Haiku, Senryu, Tanka and Haibun eBooks: – tanka ‘unseen arc’ snapshot press – bones ‘one-line twos’ & marlene mountain
Kala Ramesh is well known all over the world, but especially for her work in her home country of India. I first ‘met’ her on the Internet almost two decades ago, and we have been friends since. Her work has been published in many journals, and she has been a speaker at many haiku conferences and gatherings. Besides being a wonderful poet she is an energetic and positive supporter of haiku in all its forms, and of other poets. Thank you Kala!!! Kala has also premiered recently this video, which is a collaboration with Masood Hussain! Give it a listen!​ Book: Naad Anunaad – US…​ beyond the horizon beyond – US…​ eChaps: tanka ‘unseen arc’ snapshot press…​ bones ‘one-line twos’ & marlene mountain…​ Mann Library Daily Haiku:…​ Books: – beyond the horizon beyond – India – beyond the horizon beyond – US – Naad Anunaad – India – Naad Anunaad – US – Haiku Companion and Activity Book – Katha First Book of Haiku, Senryu, Tanka and Haibun eBooks: – tanka ‘unseen arc’ snapshot press – bones ‘one-line twos’ & marlene mountain


At the very end of our interview, we lost the Internet connection. BUT, she was about to ask ME to be interviewed by her and Kala Ramesh! I had no choice but to accept, so that will be forthcoming shortly! I thank Hifsa for doing this interview and for being the person she is. We only need more Hifsa’s not less! Hifsa Ashraf, is a well-known author of several books and was recently shortlisted for the Touchstone Book Award that is presented each year by The Haiku Foundation. “Her Fading Henna Tattoo”, is a poetic tour de force on the topic of Domestic Abuse. Her blog has many of her recent publications.…​ Inner Voice Blog​ Running After Shadows Poetry Collection…​ Her Fading Henna Tattoo – Touchstone Book Award – shortlisted…​ Twitter: @hifsays
Michele Root-Bernstein devotes herself to haiku, haibun, and haiga. Her work appears in journals and anthologies at home and abroad and on three large rocks in Ohio. She has served as co-editor of Frogpond and book editor of Modern Haiku. Currently, she facilitates the Evergreen Haiku study group in mid-Michigan. Full Disclosure, Michele is Michael’s haiku instructor at her Evergreen Haiku Meetings. Here is a link to a presentation she gave at the Spring Meeting of the Haiku Society of America in 2018:…​ Here are some of her published and award-winning poems that will be appearing on the Living Haiku Anthology:…​ Here are some of her award-winning and published haibun!…​ BOOKS/chapbooks: The Haiku Life, What We Learned As Editors of Frogpond, Modern Haiku Press, 2017:…​ because of this light, Evergreen Haiku Press, 2020: inquire at Upcoming: Wind Rose, Snapshot Press, e-chapbook upcoming spring 2021; available soon for free download at…​ ONLINE SAMPLES OF HAIKU: Upcoming: Mann Library’s Daily Haiku: upcoming October 2021​ Upcoming: Living Haiku Anthology Upcoming: Haiku Foundation RENGAY: Haiku Society of America, Garry Gay Rengay Award, 2020: 2nd and 3rd place with Jennifer Burd and Laszlo Slomovits, texts here:…​ HAIGA:…​ ESSAYS OF INTEREST: “Haiku as Emblem of Creative Discovery: Another Path to Craft,” Modern Haiku, v. 41.3 (Autumn 2010): 16-25.…​ “Copying to Create, The Role of Imitation and Emulation in Developing Haiku Craft” Modern Haiku, 48.1, 2017. Available online at MH website:…​ MH or…​ Upcoming: “BirdGirl’s Haibun Confession,” as a featured writer in the April 2021 issue of Contemporary Haibun Online. Should show up at​ Here is a link to the book she wrote with her husband Robert, “Sparks Of Genius”:…​ WE DISCUSSED ‘RENGAY’, and if you were intrigued please check out this article in Graceguts:…


Books Available The Bone Carver 2014…​ Bushfire Moon 2017 from Ron at Broken Starfish 2019 from Ron at Cloud Hands new collection available soon Collaborations Ancient Bloodlines 2017 (rengay collection with Simon Hanson) Free Download from:​ Links: YouTube Haiga Playlist Art & Haiku Playlist by Ron C. Moss…​ SUBSCRIBE PLEASE Current Website (Redbubble) to be updated soon Facebook​ Instagram​ Flickr…​ The Haiku Foundation Haiga Gallery…​ The Haiku Foundation Haiku Registry…​ Contemporary Haibun Online – Haiga Gallery…
Interview with Susan Antolin, haiku poet, and Editor of Acorn a journal of contemporary haiku. She has held positions in the Haiku Society of America, judged contests, and been active in The Haiku Poets of Northern California. She also has been a Presenter at Haiku North America meetings and has often worked to support the haiku community. The Acorn website is​ Her books: The Years That Went Missing can be purchased at Backbone Press:…​ To purchase Artichoke Season (Spare Poems Press, 2009) contact Susan at The essay Haiku Aesthetics: A Look at Understatement can be found here:…​ The Mann Library Daily Haiku archive at Cornell University can be found here:…​ Susan Antolin’s personal Twitter account is @susanantolin Acorn’s Twitter account is @acornhaiku The Haiku Poets of Northern California website is​ (be sure to check out the “Recordings” page for recordings of recent readings).
Roberta Beary is a poet and writer whose passion for Haibun, the combining of prose with haiku/senryu is one many of us share. She is currently the Haibun Editor of Modern Haiku magazine and is an accomplished practitioner of the form. Her books have had multiple printings, and she is the Ambassador for The Haiku Foundation and lives in Ireland. Here we talk about the form, and her experiences both writing but editing in the form. If you want some additional inspiration you check out the link below:…​ It was my pleasure to Interview her on the Haibun form. Mike Rehling
Mike Rehling interviews Roberta Beary haiku poet and haibun editor for Modern Haiku. Wide-ranging you will learn her views on the form and all facets including haiku senryu, haiga, and haibun. She is also the Haiku Ambassador for The Haiku Foundation. Currently, she lives with her husband in Ireland. Roberta has published two books, one ‘The Unworn Necklace’ is in its fifth printing, and ‘Deflection’ a very personal collection available from Accent. She has also worked with two other established poet/editors Kala Ramesh and Ellen Compton to put out an anthology titled ‘Wishbone Moon’. She has also been a ‘guest editor’ of Failed Haiku in the Haibun issues. See her work on Twitter daily under the handle @shortpoemz. You can buy her book ‘The Unworn Necklace” here:…​ Her book Deflection can be purchased at Accents:…​ Thanks, Roberta for spending time with us! Mike Rehling

Review of the haiku collection of K. Ramesh entitled: “A Small Tree of Tender Leaves” by Michael Rehling. Available on Amazon.

Review of the haiku collection of David Kelly entitled: “small hadron divider” by Michael Rehling. Available at Red Moon Press!

A brief review of Kingfisher Journal, a new arrival edited by Tanya McDonald. Definitely worth your investment. You can find out more at:

A brief review and reading from Bruce Feingold’s new book entitled “Arrythmia” available at Red Moon Press.

A brief review and reading from Ben Gaa’s new book entitled “One Breath” available on Amazon.

Ben was also on the HSA Zoom Meeting discussing his techniques for writing and revising his poems. He has also been interviewed on the Poetry Pea, so check him out and buy his book. I guarantee it is worth it!