Update and ‘the plan’!

For all of you who have been concerned, I do have a bit of a health issue. It ain’t going to kill me, but I am NOT well. Doctors are working on it all, but they don’t have a final diagnosis. Just ruling out a lot of the scary stuff so far, so that is good.

Next is the continuing Internet issues. I have weak cell service as well, but I can answer emails and do some stuff with a hotspot, but that is about it. I live 25 miles from public wifi that is reliable. There is not a Starbucks for a hundred miles!

THE PLAN is to get the September issue out before the end of the month. I then will rely on ‘guest editors’ until I can stabilize my health (hopefully soon) AND my Internet. Check the submission guide for this month’s Guest Editor Bryan Rickert!!!

I hope this works and I am sorry. I usually am healthy as a horse so that is disturbing, AND we are working get Internet alternatives in the new year.



23 thoughts on “Update and ‘the plan’!

  1. Maureen Weldon

    Dear Mike,

    I hope you will soon be feeling fit and well again.
    Take good care of you. Health is indeed a very precious thing.
    With all good wishes,



  2. Ingrid Baluchi, Macedonia

    Dear Mike,
    Nothing more important than your health, so here’s hoping medical issues are sorted out quickly with a happy outcome, and we get to read good news from your usual cheerful self.
    All the best,

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  3. Margaret Walker


    Just take care of yourself. That must come first!!!

    I hope you get answers soon. The “not knowing “ can be very difficult!

    Margaret Walker

    Sent from my iPad


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  4. Claire Vogel Camargo

    So sorry, Mike, for your health issues, perhaps from spider bites. No fun. Focus on getting well. We’ll be here when ya get back to us. 🙂 ❤

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