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Issue 41 is now UP!!!

Kala Ramesh, our Guest ‘Failed Editor’ has picked a wonderful crop of senryu for your enjoyment!!!

HOLD your submissions until the 10th and be sure to read the Submission Guides!

Thanks to everyone for supporting Failed Haiku!


The Passing of a truly wonderful poet…

The passing of a humble haiku poet who worked in anonymity to further the reputations of others. Make to sure to listen to the very end for a touching tribute!
Steve Hodge
Terrie French
Mike Rehling

Please visit this link for the short Video Tribute!

And the delay continues…

Simply put I am limited to intermittent Internet and a cell phone. You can “Like” a post on Facebook with that connectivity, but editing a haiku journal does not go so well. I am 25 miles from the nearest Library and needless to say they ain’t open on Sundays anyway and we just dug out of two snowstorms. That said my wife and our cat are warm safe and happy. Look for Tuesday to see issue 39!

That out of the way the new Issue of Prune Juice Journal is out and the new editor, Brent Goodman, knocked it out of the park as we all expected. My buddy Steve Hodge handed the torch off and the PJ flames are burning brightly!

Go visit PJ and that should keep you busy until I get the issue of FH out!

Delay in Publishing!

Sorry folks, but a surprise snowstorm and in and out Internet have finally caught up with me! After 38 on time issues, this one will be a day or two late. I am not dug out and have spotty Internet but should have it out by the 2nd of March at the latest. Apologies, but this entire effort is done in the cloud and I don’t want to take short cuts that mess up the final result.

See ya soon with Issue 39!!!