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Issue 51 is BORN!!!!

Sorry folks, but my Internet failed me last night. Just came back on and this issue is UP!

We have a Guest Editor next month! The Traveling Wilburys return in the form of the Traveling French Family! Terrie and Raymond French will be guest editing a HAIBUN only edition. Hold your submission until the TENTH of March!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Issue 49 is UP!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Failed Haiku enters the FIFTH YEAR! Thanks to all of you who submit your work, all of you who read our work around the world, and to the many ‘guest’ Editors who have allowed me to survive my weak ass Internet! Bless you, all!

We are beefing up our presence on YouTube and would be REALLY REALLY GRATEFUL if you all of you would Subscribe to our channel. You will not get emails unless you want them, but you will help us reach more folks on search engines and within YouTube who are searching for senryu.

Without further ado, Here is Issue 49 of FailedHaiku!

HOLD YOUR SUBMISSIONS! We will have TWO guest editors next month!!! Be sure to check the Submission Guides before you submit!

Again, have a great and safe NEW YEAR!


Issue 47 is UP! Haiga Competition results included!

My sincere thanks to Michael H. Lester who makes his second appearance as a ‘guest Failed Editor’. Music is a passion of mine, and this issue makes a great read! Thanks to all who made this issue a ‘walk on the wild side‘!!!


Also, the results of the Fourth Annual Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Contest are now available in this issue. My thanks to Ron C. Moss and Steve Hodge for judging this contest and providing selections that cover the gambit for senryu based haiga. Brent Goodman, Editor of Prune Juice Journal, and I are pleased to continue this tradition.

And now, without further ado, Issue 47 of Failed Haiku! Guy Fawkes would be proud!!!



Mike Rehling

Issues 45 AND 46 are now UP!

My THANKS to all of you for your patience and concern. I will get an email out to everyone sometime tomorrow with details, BUT HOLD YOUR SUBMISSIONS until I get the submission guides updated.

My triple thanks to Bryan Rickert for taking over Issue 46!!!


Update and ‘the plan’!

For all of you who have been concerned, I do have a bit of a health issue. It ain’t going to kill me, but I am NOT well. Doctors are working on it all, but they don’t have a final diagnosis. Just ruling out a lot of the scary stuff so far, so that is good.

Next is the continuing Internet issues. I have weak cell service as well, but I can answer emails and do some stuff with a hotspot, but that is about it. I live 25 miles from public wifi that is reliable. There is not a Starbucks for a hundred miles!

THE PLAN is to get the September issue out before the end of the month. I then will rely on ‘guest editors’ until I can stabilize my health (hopefully soon) AND my Internet. Check the submission guide for this month’s Guest Editor Bryan Rickert!!!

I hope this works and I am sorry. I usually am healthy as a horse so that is disturbing, AND we are working get Internet alternatives in the new year.



Oh well… My second I’m sorry!

Gonna be a few days before I get this issue done. My ISP is failing. We have two other companies working to get up and running here. I can post on Facebook or Instagram but now way can I edit a journal on a phone. Abbey and I wanted to get away anyway so this is just the time. They ‘think’ they will have the current issue stable by the weekend.

HOLD ANY SUBMISSIONS FOR NEXT MONTH! I have three ‘guest editors’ that will be filling in for me to finish the year, and hopefully one or the other of the two replacement Internet sources will be up by then. I am not going anywhere, but the impossible Internet issues just need to be cured. I would very much like to get back to my ‘five day’ response time and stable uploads (right now I cannot ‘upload’ at all to the servers) so that Failed Haiku can FAIL more efficiently. This old German/American can’t put up with things this way much longer.

I am working to get this issue up by the 14th! To add to the Internet issues I got sick and am just now getting back to what passes as normal. I ‘think’ it was an insect bite, but who knows?

Thanks for being so kind, and hang in there. If I have to I will rent a room at the Holiday Inn!!!

Okey Dokey Smoky!!! Issue 44 is now UP!

I know you are all great and very understanding, but you still have my sincere apologies! Some days here at ‘Walden Pond’ (Presque Isle, Michigan) we just don’t got no Internet!!!

This was a FUN issue to edit, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!