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Issue 80 arrives with NEWS!

Issue 80 is UP and Kelly Moyer has filled it with some of the best of ‘senryuish’ poems!!!


We have news, folks! It is with my blessing and encouragement that we are bidding Kelly a hearty “happy trails,” as she sets out to complete North Carolina’s 1,175-mile Mountains-to-Sea Trail. But, fear not! Adept at editing on the move, she will be helping me select the best of over twenty years of haibun for my upcoming e-book entitled, “running from yesterday”. In addition, she will be preparing for the launch of Bacon Grease on the Trapdoor, a journal of experimental and intuitive short-form poetry, co-edited by the always witty Robert P. Moyer, and in her own words, her “breathtakingly handsome” husband.

Never fear though, Bryan will have me as his majordomo, and I will be adding to the Failed Haiku stable where we will be hosting short (15-20 minute) talks, from some of the best folks in haiku on any subject they choose related to haikai. Think of it as the TED Talks for Haiku and Senryu!

More news in the email blast next week!




New Poet Interview with Terri L. French!!!

It was my pleasure the other day to interview my good friend Terri L. French. We discussed a number of things, and I hope you have as much fun listening as we did in talking together. Be sure to check out the links to her work and books below the video. Thanks, Terri for giving others the chance to get to know you better.

Issue 79 rocks Linked Verse!!!

In the entire life of Failed Haiku, we have not had an issue such as this one. Thanks to everyone who submitted and to those who are not yet confident in Renku, Rengay, Tan Renga, and all the associated forms this issue will be a wonderful introduction to the corner of haiku and senryu. Please click below and enjoy! Bryan Rickert

In addition, the results of the H. Gene Murtha Senryu Contest are now out, and congratulations to all those who submitted as well as those whose work is selected. You will find the link in the new issue! In addition the contest results will also be in the new issue of Prune Juice Journal! Thanks to our two judges for this year Susan Burch and Vandana Parashar!


And, please don’t miss the engaging interview by Mike Rehling with Agnes Savich!

Enjoy and have peace in your heart that we have poetry in the times we live in. Poems have the power to uplift and heal!

Kelly Savage, Bryan Rickert, and that old guy who lives in the woods!

The Seventh Annual H. Gene Murtha Senryu Contest!

It is time again to remember H. Gene Murtha. He was a free spritied friend to many, and a wonderfully creative poet. His senryu were evocative, memorable, and original. CLICK HERE to download a copy of “Biding Time”, a collection of his poems.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read ALL the rules for this contest before you submit.

CLICK HERE for the rules of contest and good luck to you all!

Tia HaynesEditor of Prune Juice Journal and Kelly Moyer and Bryan Rickert Co-Editors of Failed Haiku.

The curtain rises on Issue 76!!!

Well, we are now approaching 300 pages. But it is full of interesting takes on senryu, rengay, haiga, haibun, sequences, and oh what the hell, all kinds of stuff!!! I had a blast with this issue, and I want to thank all of you for your kind words. I am feeling better, doing my rehab, and getting my energy back. I appreciate you all…

BUT, without further ado, this is Issue 76!!!


Mike (the old man) Rehling