Update on Mike!

Hi folks,

Well, it is now confirmed that my reverse shoulder replacement surgery will happen on Monday morning. This surgery is very common now and my surgeon and his team have performed it successfully many many times. I will be in the hospital a day or two and then home for the next two weeks doing almost nothing but my in-home rehab exercises. After that, I head into full rehab for six weeks. In six months I should have an almost full range of motion back and get back to normal activities fully for summer. It has been a painful few months, and COVID issues at the hospital (not me) have set back the surgery several times now. My heart is stable and my Doctors have stopped the crazy episodes I was experiencing, so that is great also. 

Although I will be in a sling for a couple of months, I will have use of my fingers and hands, but at a much slower pace on social media for some time as I recover. I will post some images when I get back home as ‘proof of life’, and no one should worry. I may be old and grey but I still have my piss and vinegar intact. 🙂

Abbey and Dae-Min (our cat) will be ordering me around and keeping an eye on me. All will be well.



PS You have two great co-editors who will take great care of you all, and I can’t wait to read your work as I heal. Thanks to Bryan and Kelly, and the guest editors who will be taking over!!!

17 thoughts on “Update on Mike!

  1. drroncraig

    All the best for a speedy recovery. I, too, will say a prayer on your behalf Mike. I believe that, whether God is a reality or not, prayer (call it what you want) has beneficial effects, on me as well as you! Until then, another poem for you came to mind:

    as always
    a shoulder to lean on —
    — after surgery

    Ronald K. Craig

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  2. Shasta Hatter

    I am Catholic so I will say a prayer for a smooth surgery, and a quick and complete recovery. Modern surgery and PT works miracles on painful joints.

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