Get you motor running, head out on the Haiga!!!

 The Reichhold Haiga Competition will begin accepting submissions, no more than TWO, on October 10th and ending on October 20th! Our judges this year for the Traditional Section is Sandi Pray and for the Photographic and Mixed Media section Ron Moss. Please read the complete details on Failed Haiku Website OR at this Direct Link. Winners and Honorable Mentions will be published November 5th in BOTH Prune Juice Journal and Failed Haiku!

We look forward to seeing your best work!!!

3 thoughts on “Get you motor running, head out on the Haiga!!!

  1. Bidyut Prabha Gantayat

    Party over-
    littered food
    Inviting ants

    tatoo of Hanuman*
    On his arms –
    gliders pride

    rabbits playing
    inside out…
    winter breeze

    © Bidyut Prabha

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