Issue 34 is now UP!

This was a fun issue to edit! Some wonderful haibun, haiga, Kyoka, and Rengay as well! Some of my ‘favorites’ outdid themselves as well, so all in all, I had a blast! My Internet has been very flakey of late and any solution is a year or so away. BUT this issue made me feel a whole lot better. Lots of announcements in the next week so stay tuned.

For now, you have a wonderful issue to read:

Thanks to all the poets who have supported Failed Haiku over the last three years. You folks are the best!



4 thoughts on “Issue 34 is now UP!

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  2. Pd

    The words soft, witty and sometimes deep with ache re: the man walking without his dog ~ an image that stays. So well done,all of them.
    Great job my friend and congratulations to all on beautiful word smithing and art/ images!


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