Issue 23 is UP!!!

The new issue is UP, and the results of the Haiga Contest are now available!!!

Been a tough month with the Internet, but I finally got everything uploaded a few minutes ago. 



4 thoughts on “Issue 23 is UP!!!

  1. datta2014

    Excellent the haiga contest and a delectable feast and twice i went through the site. wonderful. Apart from this all the contributions in this 23 rd failed haiku, if be featuring coffee, dream or, fly -all –so dexterously drawn. Sonam Chhoki’s haiga featuring rose buds -still the fragrance spreads alive. Another one ‘nearer to the star’ is so beautiful.
    take away coffee
    take away books
    but i cannot take away my eyes
    till i finish through.
    with regards
    S.Radhamani / credentials can be used.


  2. projectwords11

    Reblogged this on Project words and commented:
    Very pleased to appear in the November issue of Failed Haiku

    our priorities
    drifting clouds

    wood smoke wind
    the fireworks
    of childhood

    so many
    hard rain

    your voice
    on the phone
    mist darkens day

    snow on snow
    watching logs shift
    in the hearth

    Rachel Sutcliffe
    Failed Haiku November 2017



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