Living Senryu Anthology going ‘live’!


The Living Senryu Anthology


The Living Senryu Anthology project launches today! It is the close cousin of The Living Haiku Anthology, started and run by Don Baird and Hansha Teki. They have elected to put senryu at the same level and catalog and promote some of the finest poets of the form, so this project sets out to attract the best senryu poets writing in English to this new site.

A team of editors have been assembled, and the processes set in place to handle your submissions for inclusion into the site. Take a look at the submissions guidelines, and meet the editors who will be reviewing submissions.

Why should you submit? Your work will remain on the Internet in perpetuity. It will get picked up by Search Engines, and the audience for your work will increase many fold. You also will help familiarize others with the power and range of the senryu form! You win as a poet, and the senryu form will be better understood in the bargain.


PDF of this announcement here:

Announcement PDF File


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