The May 1st issue is ‘in the can’!

The May 1st issue is now ‘in the can’!

All poets have been notified, and we will go ‘live’ after the stroke of midnight on May 1st!!! Thanks to everyone who submitted, and to the many readers who support us with their eyes!!! The ‘cast list’ for this issue is as follows:

Lovette Carter
Devin Harrison
Diana Teneva
Pris Campbell
Jesus Chameleon
Marianne Paul
Adjei Agyei-Baah
Maya Lyubenova
Elmedin Kadric
Bruce Jewett
Chen-ou Liu
Dave Read
Brad Bennett
David Oates
Karen Harvey
Cynthia Rowe
Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
Willie R. Bongcaron
Al Fogel
Garry Eaton
Shloka Shankar
Eva Limbach
Juliet Wilson
Gergana Yaninska
Christina Martin
Rachel Sutcliffe
Johannes S. H. Bjerg
Rosemary Bryerton-Schiff
Ian Willey
Mohammad Azim Khan
Olivier Schopfer
Barbara Tate
Christina Sng
Hannes Froehlich
Phyllis Lee
Barbara Kaufmann
Steve Black
Marianne Paul
Elizabeth Crocket
Meik Blöttenberger
Keitha Keyes
Angelo B. Ancheta
Debbie Strange
Jan Benson
Elizabeth Alford
Madhuri Pillai
Louise Hopewell
Mark Gilbert
Lysa Collins
Kalyana Hapsari
Nicholas Klacsanzky
Pat Geyer
Gail Oare
Nina Kovačić
Zoran Doderovic
Jill Lange
Helen Buckingham
Janet Patton
David J Kelly
Carol Raisfeld
Billy Antonio
Rob Scott
Cliff T. Roberts
Alexander B. Joy
Bob Lucky
Ken Sawitri
Sondra J. Byrnes
Jayashree Maniyil
Sharon Rhutasel-Jones
Julie Warther
Debbi Antebi
Claire Vogel Camargo
nancy brady
Raamesh Gowri Raghavan
Myron Lysenko
Alegria Imperial
Tzetzka Ilieva
Roberta Beary
Marilyn Humbert
Bob Carlton
Marietta Jane McGregor                                                                                                                                
Ola Lindberg


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