Issue 54 is now UP!!!

I want to thank Praniti Gulyani for being our Guest Editor for this issue! Wow, she brought a lot of energy and creativity to both the topic she selected and to her role as an editor. I think a fine young poet is on her way to being a fine editor as well! Take a look at this issue and enjoy the work that all of these fine poets have created.

3 thoughts on “Issue 54 is now UP!!!

  1. vern8

    Dear Michael and Bryan,

    An emotionally charged issue. My heart was especially moved by:

    Marilyn Ashbaugh’s

    dandelion clocks
    my walk measured in prayers
    for the sick

    Debbie Strange’s haiga

    I walk into and out
    of myself

    Daniela Misso’ s

    at the fountain
    leaving to the clouds
    my reflection

    even the moon
    slips into my dreams
    jasmine bush

    Antonietta Losita’s

    tonight there will be
    the fireflies

    A strong cast of women Haijin in this issue.

    Warmest regards,

    Veronika Zora

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