Fifth Annual H. Gene Murtha Contest

Brent Goodman, Editor of Prune Juice Journal, and I will be judges for the Murtha Contest this year. PLEASE READ THE RULES, and we look forward to seeing your work!

Murtha Contest Rules

H. Gene Murtha did not ‘invent’ senryu nor did he write papers on the subject. That was not his style! Instead, he wrote wonderfully revealing and sensitive poems about his first love, nature, and all the complex pieces of his own life. His poems teach us still.

Before his death, he put out Biding Time, a PDF collection of some of his work and told me to ‘put it out there’ so people would have something to remember him by. It has been on my servers ever since! Check it out at the link below.

Click to access BIDING%20TIME%20H.%20Gene%20Murtha.pdf



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