Issue 48 is now UP!

My thanks to Sonam Chhoki for becoming a ‘Failed Editor’ for this issue!!! Some wonderful haibun from some of my favorite poets in the form! Bowing!

Next month your wild one Failed Editor returns! I am still shaky and have no firm diagnosis, but I am taking some medications to relive a chunk of the pain (no not opioids), and my medical team is the best. Senryu is a ‘cure’ I think! 😉

That said, let’s make this an OPEN CALL for submission. We will be accepting submissions for the January 1 issue from the 10th to the 25th of December!

Peace and Happy Shopping on Cyber Monday!



6 thoughts on “Issue 48 is now UP!

  1. Elaine Wilburt

    Hoping you are improving and growing stronger little by little every day. And resting instead of rushing back to your daily responsibilities.

    Elaine Wilburt

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  2. Adelaide B. Shaw

    Hi Mike,
    I hope you will be better soon.

    For an aching head
    that sends you to straight to bed

    it helps to read a bit
    something with a lot of wit

    senryu is the ticket
    these poets are really with it

    they make you laugh, they make you smile
    forgetting pain for a while

    my prescription, then, for all of you
    is read the journal, Failed Haiku


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    1. haikutec

      And all good wishes for your continuing improving health. Although I was a tad bemused by this:
      “I am taking some medications to relive a chunk of the pain”

      It’s either a typo or you have discovered a new way to suffer! 🙂

      warmest and sincerest best wishes,

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