Issue 33 is now UP!

Thanks to our Guest ‘Failed Editor’ Adjei Agyei-Baah! The theme he chose for this issue was ‘Family’, and I am amazed at the work in this issue, and he made it into a Full Issue with 174 pages! You have a lot to read and enjoy!!!

Read it HERE!

13 thoughts on “Issue 33 is now UP!

  1. Barbara Tate

    Thank you so much. An inspiring issue. I’m printing it out. Congratulations to each and everyone. Adjei, you did a wonderful job–and thank you Mike for Failed Haiku!!

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  2. ajanwar

    Quite a thick volume this one, beautiful and excellent. Thank you Mike Rehling, and Gueast Editor Adjei Agyei-Baah for including mine here. Congratulations to all poets, very pleased to join you all. Best regards from Jakarta.


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