Issue 22 is now up for your reading pleasure!

First, I want to thank all of the folks who submitted this month! You made me laugh, cry, and think, sometimes all at once! YOU are the best!

Without further ado, this issue of Failed Haiku is for YOU:



4 thoughts on “Issue 22 is now up for your reading pleasure!

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  2. datta2014

    comments on failed haiku 22 issue
    Dear esteemed poet,
    Greetings! Reading through the entire list of contributions ,I feel delighted and be honourd to be part of this unique journal. Starting with the thoughting provoking cover image highlighting kimo by Sonam Chhoki her take is very interesting throughout ,her Delectable write worthy of mention of so many ; haiku with baby rattle is equally fine. So much profound variety of themes are drawn such as vedic civilization , moon image, janitor New tenant so on. Special mention can be made on broken mirror and brain waves. Senryu on Moon Silence and Maduri on onchological take are still vibrant with echoes for me. Fun,humour and flow of images from day to day lives are replete and we readers are always benefitted by these copious flow. Haiga throughout is rich in variety of themes. List is too vast that we cannot restrict our choice. A pleasure with the pivot of learning is the gift of this journal.
    With regards


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