Jim Kacian has a new book out!!!

I don’t do this often, but Jim K. is a favorite of mine and his work as an editor, publisher, and haiku poet has been established for decades now. He is also the founder and spirit of THE HAIKU FOUNDATION.

Jim Kacian, who you all know from The Haiku Foundation (and Haiku in the Workplace), has just released a new book of haiku, his first full-length collection in 10 years, called after/image. You can view a reading of one of its 3 sections here https://youtu.be/oioCwPUBzAg (filmed at Haiku North America 2017 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a couple weeks ago). And you can buy a copy from Red Moon Press here https://www.redmoonpress.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=32&products_id=269.

Buy it, it comes with my personal guarantee!!!



2 thoughts on “Jim Kacian has a new book out!!!

  1. radhamani Sarma

    Dear esteemed poet, Greetings! Viewing you tube, very nice, lively the reading. I have been contributing to his workplace haiku of late. ordering a copy via redmoon press soon.
    with regards

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  2. haikutec

    Yep, ordered it within seconds of it being released, and it’s a great read. Also will greatly help freshen up any potential tired tropes we might find ourselves getting caught up in.

    Highly recommended!


    Alan Summers
    President, United Haiku and Tanka Society
    co-founder, Call of the Page



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