The Second Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Contest!

Steve Hodge of Prune Juice Journal and Failed Haiku are sponsoring a contest for Haiga Artists Worldwide! Take a few minutes to read the contest rules, and then send us your best work!

We so look forward to seeing your work.

Steve Hodge and Mike Rehling

Closed to submissions for this month, AND new Submission Guides!

The September 1 issue is now closed to submissions! Thanks to everyone who has submitted!

Please read carefully the NEW Submission Guides. I have had to change things due to all my communications issues, which continue. Here are some highlights!

  1. Hard close each month on the 25th of the month.
  2. Submissions should be submitted, if you can remember, between the 10th and the 25th of the month.
  3. NO ATTACHMENTS other than haiga. Word documents are a pain in the ass for everyone, and create downloading and formatting nightmares. If you have sent them this month, no worries I will muddle through, but please try to remember in the future.
  4. I WILL respond to all submissions, but I can no longer give you any firm timeframe. So sorry, but yesterday alone the Internet went out 50 times! I have tried satellite, 4G, and exhausted every option. Our community is working to develop better service options, but that may take a year or more!
  5. Please note also that from the start we have accepted previously published work.

I am committed to publishing, ON TIME, in the current format through the December 1 issue. After that Failed Haiku will be changing its format to allow me to publish under less stressful conditions. My friend the Internet has deserted me, so I need to just switch things around so FH can continue.

As always I enjoy reading your work, and interacting with you!



Issue 20 is now UP!

Well, after a month of in and out (mostly out) Internet this issue is now UP! I apologize to all of the poets for the lack of my usual timely response the last two and a half months. It truly bothered me, but most all of your have been very understanding. I love my home in the woods, and we do have most modern conveniences, BUT cell phone service, Internet options, and any cable or fiber optic options are out of the question. Things ‘appear’ to be improving so I do have hope.

Enjoy this issue, and we will forge ahead next month, hopefully with less outages and drops. Over 170 pages for your reading pleasure in this issue though:



A ‘hard close’ this month on submissions!

Still struggling with the Internet, and so this will another ‘hard close’ this month. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE submit before midnight Eastern Time on the 25th of the month!

Our area is very rural, with high trees, limited cell phone, and no ‘standard’ Internet connection. We are NOT on any government list to get improved service either, so accepting this fact is my option.

Sorry for the incovienence, but I am still pumping away on submissions, and will send them out as quick as I can.



A few words, and an update!

  1. My Internet is back, although up and down. They ‘say’ that by the end of August they should have it ‘upgraded’ and ‘sorted’. They sound sincere, and at least now the interruptions are shorter in duration. I live in the woods, and this minor issue won’t change my love for the location. Thank you all for being understanding.
  2. I love editing Failed Haiku. The poets that submit make me happy. I will continue to do it. The current format will remain through the end of the year. Then, I will ‘give this old dog a new collar’. No announcements yet, I just want everyone to keep me busy for the next few months, and then I will let you know what the future holds.
  3. We accept, willingly and happily, PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED WORK.  Please send me the ‘good shit’ that you have written, regardless of it appearing somewhere else prior. I have never understood the prohibition on work that has appeared in another journal, on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever. I am happy to give your contest winner, your editor’s choice poem, or work from print or online journals another home. We do not publish attributions (just too much hassle), but it is YOUR poem, so please feel free to share it. No need to tell me about prior publication though, since it has no impact on my selections.
  4. People sometimes ask what I am looking for, and the answer is:  good poems! The niche we have chosen is:  ALL OF THEM!!! If you have something ‘senryuish’ that does not ‘fit’ somewhere else, send it in and give it a try! No one should consider this a slam at other editors, since every journal has to find it’s own way, and editors are only obligated to make clear what they are looking for, mine is a very open mind.