Issue 61 is now UP! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

This issue is over 200 pages of some of the most creative work I have edited. I told you there were no restrictions and many of you took me right up on the challenge. I love the experimental, but there are lovely, and sometimes very touching works in here as well. It just seemed to me that many of you were not focused on the craziness of 2020 but instead looked inside of yourselves and found not just hope but downright happiness. I feel the same way. Caged a bit, but my wife and I are closer and more in love than ever, and that is saying something!

This last year was a year of discovery for all of us, and a poet’s heart is wonderful thing and always up for the test. Peace and best wishes for the new year!!! I could not wait, so this issue is going up a few hours early so I can enjoy the bubbly with my wife undisturbed.

Love you all!!!



Issue 59 UP with Results from the Reichhold Haiga Contest!


Roberta Beary has again dished up an issue with some wonderful Haibun!!! Thanks so much to all of you who shared some of your best work with Failed Haiku!

In this issue is the link to the Results of the Fifth Annual Jane Reichhold Haiga Contest! The results will also be on the Prune Juice Journal site so you can check them out there as well as read the NEW ISSUE OF PJ THAT JUST CAME OUT.

Thanks so much to our Judges Sandi Pray and Ron C. Moss for the fabulous selections they have made and their dedication to the art of haiga in their own work! Bowing!

Also, HOLD your submissions to the next issue until the 10th of the month! Bryan Rickert is taking the reigns of that issue and we are arranging things in the cloud to accommodate our new ‘co-editor’ arrangement.



Reichhold Contest Winners have been selected!!!

I want to thank first our two judges, Sandi Pray and Ron C. Moss!!! Two wonderful poet/artists for making the final selections in this years contest! They found some real gems you can be sure.

The winners have been notified by email already, and the ‘highly commended will be revealed on November 5th.

Brent Goodman and I are very pleased with everyone’s participation in the Fifth Annual Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Competition!

Get you motor running, head out on the Haiga!!!

 The Reichhold Haiga Competition will begin accepting submissions, no more than TWO, on October 10th and ending on October 20th! Our judges this year for the Traditional Section is Sandi Pray and for the Photographic and Mixed Media section Ron Moss. Please read the complete details on Failed Haiku Website OR at this Direct Link. Winners and Honorable Mentions will be published November 5th in BOTH Prune Juice Journal and Failed Haiku!

We look forward to seeing your best work!!!

Issue 58 is UP!

This issue is well done by Guest Editor Kelly Sauvage Angel!!! She selected some real winners! Thank you so much Kelly!!! Check it out here:

Next month FH is ‘haibun only’. Please hold your submissions until the 10th of October. Roberta Beary will be the guest editor of this issue!

A ONE DAY delay for FH!

Just to let you know that the last five days have been hectic for me personally. And to add to the pain my Internet can barely download Gmail anymore.

I will try to get selection notices out to everyone, but formatting will have to wait until tomorrow when I can get to somewhere where I have a good connection.

My apologies, this has just been a week filled with hurdles that I have not been able to clear.