The curtain rises on Issue 76!!!

Well, we are now approaching 300 pages. But it is full of interesting takes on senryu, rengay, haiga, haibun, sequences, and oh what the hell, all kinds of stuff!!! I had a blast with this issue, and I want to thank all of you for your kind words. I am feeling better, doing my rehab, and getting my energy back. I appreciate you all…

BUT, without further ado, this is Issue 76!!!


Mike (the old man) Rehling

6 thoughts on “The curtain rises on Issue 76!!!

  1. Paul Beech

    Dear Editors,

    I’m having a problem submitting for the June 2022 issue (food).

    I’ve emailed four times using your usual address ( but each time have received a postmaster’s delivery failure notification.

    Seemingly there’s a glitch your end. Hope this can be resolved soon so I can submit before the deadline.

    Best always,

    Paul Beech (

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  2. John Budan

    Mike I enjoyed your video on Haiga.Just one tiny correction .Lew Welch did not commit suicide near Big Sur.He was staying on Gary Snyders land near Nevada City, Califrnia. He left a note in his truck then disappeared (with a weapon).Searchers never found his body.thanks

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