Issue 62 is now UP!!!

This issue has over 200 pages of haiga, haibun, senryu, linked verse, and kyoka. There are so many good poems here that I would just suggest you sit down and read at your pleasure.

HOLD your submissions for next month as we have a Guest Editor!

Also, please NOTE THAT WE NO LONGER ACCEPT WORD DOCUMENTS. Their added code is not transferable so please send us ‘plain text’ if at all possible.

Bryan and Mike ‘Failed Editors’

5 thoughts on “Issue 62 is now UP!!!

  1. Jennifer Acampora

    Such a beautiful 62nd issue! Quite a few pieces in here absolutely floored me, particularly the one by Pris Campbell with the image of swaying lilies. So good to have found Failed Haiku, and the you tube videos are so wonderful. The recent interview with Roberta Beary was like balm for the soul for a nascent poet struggling with craft. Thank you for all you guys do. I feel like I’ve found a lovely on-line community that I can check in on and through which I can keep learning and reading the work of others.

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    Brian & Mike,
    Thanks for a great collection of short forms in the January 2021 issue of Failed Haiku.
    Brian & Mike, There’s a bit of duplication and you may wish to edit out of this issue– I’d give you page numbers but you don’t use them–it’s in in the section prior to where Mike’s haibun (stellar!) and haiku appear. And if you decide to remove the Dups, I suggest ending the issue with Mike Rehling’s work, for old time’s sake and a great way to say thank-you…
    Mike, I send you more healing thoughts, love and light.
    All the Best, Ingrid

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