A ‘hard close’ this month on submissions!

Still struggling with the Internet, and so this will another ‘hard close’ this month. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE submit before midnight Eastern Time on the 25th of the month!

Our area is very rural, with high trees, limited cell phone, and no ‘standard’ Internet connection. We are NOT on any government list to get improved service either, so accepting this fact is my option.

Sorry for the incovienence, but I am still pumping away on submissions, and will send them out as quick as I can.



2 thoughts on “A ‘hard close’ this month on submissions!

  1. mschoenburg1

    MIKE R,
    Your tree-lined, MI, rural setting sounds like paradise.

    I prefer the coconuts/palm trees, pool & beach-lined setting
    of Boca Raton, FL. But, then again, that’s why Baskin-Robbins™
    offers 30+ different flavors! 🍦
    Be well,
    MIKE S.

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  2. chrismartinweb

    Dear Mike

    Thank you for keeping us on our toes. We are so dependent on computers now that if they were knocked out we would almost be back to the Stone Age – or Bronze Age maybe…

    I sent you some poems, I hope you got them, but I need to work harder on writing I think. I have been concentrating on painting and senryu have not come thick and fast I’m afraid!

    All the very best and thank you for your wonderful work.

    Chris Martin


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