Deadline for January 1 Issue Submissions is December 26th!

I will honor all submissions received by Midnight on the 26th of December for inclusion in the January 1 issue of Failed Haiku.

I am behind on reading submissions right now. The illness and death of my Mother yesterday had me preoccupied. I was raised to be punctual, and meet my commitments, so I will catch up on reading submissions in the next couple of days, and we WILL publish promptly at Midnight on January 1.

Thanks to everyone for your kindness to me in this time, and for your continued support of Failed Haiku. It means a lot.

in the quiet
of my own mind
the poems of others



11 thoughts on “Deadline for January 1 Issue Submissions is December 26th!

  1. Helen Buckingham

    Dear Mike,
    My thoughts are with you….and Ron’s right, all this stuff can wait…..when my mother passed away I took to my bed and slept for England… sister took to chocolate…..just do whatever it is you need to do right now…..and let it take as long as it takes…..
    Helen x


  2. ronaldjscully

    Take the time you need, really. I recall trying to work my way through my mother’s passing the day after. I am not sure it didn’t just delay the process .I would think if any group of writers would be gracious and respectful,it would be haiku poets. Not to worry. I offer you my sincere condolescences.
    Ron Scully


  3. datta2014

    Dear Mike,,words indeed cannot express the loss,loss of your beloved mother, a mother
    proud of having raised a wonderful human, talented academician. May God give you the
    strength to undergo the bereavement with calm and fortitude.


  4. Peter Newton


    Sorry to hear of your recent loss. I am with my folks this Christmastime shuttling back and forth from the rehab facility where my Mom’s recovering from multiple 87-yr.old ailments. Not exactly the big family Christmases I remember. I wish you and your family peace and calm.

    joy to the world
    a sing-along
    to myself



  5. Madhuri Pillai

    Mike, I am so sorry for your loss, please accept my deepest sympathies. The cherished memories of your mother will always be there to console you and guide you. My thoughts are with you.


  6. pedometergeek

    My sincere sympathies to you, Mike, and your family at the loss of your mother. No words are truly adequate, but may love surround you now and the days to come. May your memories sustain through tough moments. ~nan



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