Issue 11 of Failed Haiku is now UP!

Results of the Jane Reichhold Haiga Competition are now available, with winners entries, and links to the Honorable Mentions as well! This was a wonderful way to honor Jane, and the entries were nothing short of stunning! Thanks to our judges as well. Michele Root-Bernstein, Kris Kondo, and Ron C. Moss did a great job, and their write ups are a small instruction book on haiga and the senryu form. Steve Hodge, editor of Prune Juice Journal, which by the way has a new issue out TODAY, and I could not be happier! Congratulations to all the winners and the honorable mentions, and thanks to all who participated!


With 165 pages to this issue, it is by far the largest ever! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the success of Failed Haiku!

Mike Rehling

Your ‘Failed’ Editor

P.S.  Check out a great journal of small poems that is becoming a favorite of mine! Hedgerow, a journal of small poems is edited by Caroline Skanne. It comes out every Friday, and a bookmark to this site will let you start your weekend with a smile.

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