The Golden Carousel of Life: Senryu

Alan Summers, a poet, and teacher/student of haiku and senryu has written a wonderful essay on the senryu form. Filled with great information and links to outside sources this is something you will want to read, download, and refer to in the future. Senryu is often placed two steps down from haiku, but Failed Haiku believes they can share the same pedestal. Please read and enjoy:

The golden Carousel of Life:  Senryu
An Application to be a) human
by:  Alan Summers

Want more from Alan?

His TedX talk on YouTube

His poetry Blog



10 thoughts on “The Golden Carousel of Life: Senryu

  1. Paul Beech

    Great essay, Alan. Fascinating insights on the nature, function and importance of senryu. Stunning examples and artwork. I greatly enjoyed it and think it would benefit anyone interested in this ancient Japanese form.



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    1. haikutec

      I was very proud to have had my tiny part in supporting the book, and being asked to write a little blurb. Wonderful project and glad the article prompts your muse again. 🙂

      warm regards,



  2. haikutec

    Thanks again Mike, and adding the two links is also deeply appreciated.

    The transcript of my TEDx talk:


    Although I am saying I was introduced as Alan Summer (not Summers) by mistake which the subtitles don’t pick up. That was a brief ad lib on the day. 🙂

    warm regards,




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