Issue 2 out at 12:01AM February 1st!!!!

Well, I have put a ‘lid’ on this issue. Any submissions from here on out will be for Issue 3. Issue 2 will be at least 150% larger than the first issue, and the number of poets is up at least that much.

We have had over 2800 ‘downloads’ of the first issue, and over 11000 views of the page. The 2800 people who downloaded is more than subscribe to MH and Frogpond combined!!! Now many also emailed, posted it on their websites, and viewed it online as well. I guess we answered any questions about the ‘need’ for another journal. I want to thank you all, readers, poets, and ‘interested’ parties who participated in any way in this launch issue.

We will be posting for your reading pleasure Issue 2 on February 1st at 12:01 AM. You can get the link on our Facebook Page, in our Twitter Feed (@SenryuJournal), or at

See ya all then!!!


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