We will be doing Book Reviews here. They will all be ‘short’ videos discussing books that contain a fair amount of ‘senryu’ based applications of the senryu form. We will NOT be doing ‘negative’ reviews. The reviews will be about 5 minutes long so as to give you a ‘hands on’ reading and brief discussion of the book. Our purpose is to provide viewers with hints on where to find out more about, or read the best of, the senryu form. All videos will be here, and on the Failed Haiku YouTube site. We hope you enjoy.

Review of the haiku collection of K. Ramesh entitled: “A Small Tree of Tender Leaves” by Michael Rehling. Available on Amazon.

Review of the haiku collection of David Kelly entitled: “small hadron divider” by Michael Rehling. Available at Red Moon Press!

A brief review of Kingfisher Journal, a new arrival edited by Tanya McDonald. Definitely worth your investment. You can find out more at:

A brief review and reading from Bruce Feingold’s new book entitled “Arrythmia” available at Red Moon Press.

A brief review and reading from Ben Gaa’s new book entitled “One Breath” available on Amazon.

Ben was also on the HSA Zoom Meeting discussing his techniques for writing and revising his poems. He has also been interviewed on the Poetry Pea, so check him out and buy his book. I guarantee it is worth it!