New Interview with Kala Ramesh!!!!

Kala Ramesh is well known all over the world, but especially for her work in her home country of India. I first ‘met’ her on the Internet almost two decades ago, and we have been friends since. Her work has been published in many journals, and she has been a speaker at many haiku conferences and gatherings. Besides being a wonderful poet she is an energetic and positive supporter of haiku in all its forms, and of other poets. Thank you Kala!!!

Kala has also premiered recently this video, which is a collaboration with Masood Hussain! Give it a listen!

10 thoughts on “New Interview with Kala Ramesh!!!!

  1. Mohammad Azim Khan

    Interesting interview! Kala’s great contribution to promote haiku in India singularly is beyond anyone’s comprehension! A hard working lady, focused and ready to guide her students! Perhaps, she is an envy to the Haiku World! 🌺💐

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  2. Tapan Mozumdar

    Enthusiasm and vivacity of Kala and amused relaxation of Mike merge seamlessly in this video. One hour passed in a jiffy! I keep learning from the both of you and this interview helped diffuse the gloom that’s all around here. Thanks

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  3. Kamrun Nahar

    Congratulations. Your interview was so amazing & insightful. The discussion was so spontaneous and you shared so many things. It was just lovely.

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  4. Muskaan Ahuja

    Kala, I really enjoyed it. Your enthusiasm towards haiku and other art forms always takes the interview to an another level! Not surprisingly, it happened this time,too 😍
    I absolutely loved to know how each childhood memory is a part of who you are as a poet, today. Yes, connect the dots and you’ll understand how you have come this far…

    Keep sharing the quotes that inspire you- loved the ones you did.

    Plus, teaching students and that too haiku, renga, haibun and what not is a cherry on top of the cake, Kala. Cherish each bite 🍰

    I can weave in a lot of superlatives but yes, the film was equally fabulous right from the start.

    Best wishes, always!

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